Warm water pools across Brighton, Putney London and Oxshott Surrey

Our classes are all held in private warm water pools heated to a minimum temperature of 33 degrees so that babies can learn, play, and exercise comfortably without getting cold. All swimming pools must have a certain amount of chlorine in order to maintain a healthy environment for swimmers, However, we use much lower amounts of chlorine in our pools compared to public pools and regularly test the water throughout the day to ensure chemical levels are kept within our strict boundaries.. We also use other filtration methods such as UV Filtration and Advanced Filter Media, making our pools kinder to your baby's skin and eyes.

All of our pools cater for a maximum of 6 babies plus one parent/carer at any one time. Smaller facilities are easier to heat and sanitise, as well as being preferred by our teachers as they are able to better communicate with their classes and creates a calmer and nurturing environment for both baby and carer.  Our teachers are in the pool with you throughout each class.

There is wheelchair access to the poolside areas in all pools and we cater for swimmers with accessibility needs at our Oxshott pool, please contact us to discuss.


Little Dippers centre, BN1

The Little Dippers' Swim Centre is the UK's first purpose built warm water baby swim centre and is our flagship pool in the heart of the North Laine in Brighton. It is heated to 34 degrees C with UV filters keeping chlorine levels low for delicate babies skin and eyes.  There are seperate changing rooms and showers on site and a disabled changing room.


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Hassocks, West Sussex BN6

Lovely warm water pool in private house opp the Friar's Oak pub on the London Road BN6 9NA. Heated to 34C with UV filtration system allowing lower chlorine levels for delicate babies skin and eyes. Free parking at the Friars Oak pub


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Aqua Therapy, Brighton

Our Aqua Therapy sessions are drop in sessions available to book for 45 mins to utilise the benefits of our private warm water pool in the north laine, Brighton to relax, stretch, float or carry out rehabilitation exercises in a safe and supportive environment.

These sessions are open to anyone with mobility issues, joint pain, connective tissue diseases, stroke recovery, fibromyalgia, post op or injury recovery and many other pain and mobility issues.

 NB: These are not teacher or physio led sessions, although a trained poolsider will be available to assist.

There is wheelchair access to the pool area, but we do not have a winch so you would need to be able to be able to get down the steps or sit on the side of the pool to be assisted into the pool.


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Putney Aqua-Hub, SW18

Lovely aqua sensory warm water pool heated to 34C with separate changing rooms and showers.  Beautiful lighting especially designed for light therapy but also offering a calm and nurturing environment for parent and baby.

Lots of street parking available around the pool.  With a lovely cafe in the park just round the corner to stop off for some coffee and cake after your class.


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Oxshott, Surrey

Our lovely warm water pool in Oxshott situated in a beautiful private residence with free on site parking.  It is heated to 34C with low chlorine levels which is kinder to baby's skin and eyes. Seperate changing rooms with showers.


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Loving Your Bump Pregnancy Aqua Natal Yoga, Brighton

Our Loving Your Bump sessions have been designed in association with Birthlight Aqua Natal Yoga with exercises designed to take you from week 14 of your pregnancy through to birth focussing on gentle stretches, spinal allignment, strengthening the pelvic floor in preparation for birth with breathing and relaxation techniques which can be used during labour.  The classes are held in our lovely private warm water pool at the Little Dippers Centre, Brighton.


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The Loft at Little Dippers, Brighton

Our bright beautiful Loft space situated in central Brighton above the our swimming pool is available to rent for any baby, children or adult activities.


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