Director & founder

Lauren is Little Dipper's founder and is widely considered to be the pioneer of baby swimming in the UK. The idea arose after filming an advert for British Gas in her previous life as a model.  In the advert she to swim underwater with a small baby, a very controversial image at the time.

Amazed at how easily the baby adapated to being under the water she went on to research the phenomenon of baby's born with a natural reflux which allows them to easily go underwater without having to take a breath beforehand.

Inspired by her research she went on to develop the Little Dippers' water safety programme and has been instrumental in developing and teaching classes for over 25 years.

Lauren is also very involved in the selection and training of our teachers' to ensure they fully endorse the ethos of Little Dippers.

Lauren teaches at our pools at the Little Dippers' Centre in Brighton and the Aqua-Hub in Putney