Our philosophy

Little Dippers was founded by baby swim pioneer Lauren Heston and we have been running our classes since 1992. We've taught over 30,000 babies our unique courses.

Our philosophy is a simple one. We focus on teaching very young babies water safety techniques in a fun and nurturing environment.


Little Dippers was born in the early 90’s when founder Lauren Heston worked on an advert for British Gas. Lauren was shot in the Red Sea cradling a newborn in her arms whilst submerged. This event became the inspiration for Little Dippers.

"I could see the huge potential for babies to become confident and empowered underwater. Here I was in the Red Sea with this tiny baby swimming alone underwater. Once these babies get into the water, their faces light up and they start kicking their little legs. It really is a wonderful experience for them".
"Introducing any baby to the water at a young age helps to stimulate their awareness and makes them more confident and relaxed in everyday life. In my experience, it also helps them to sleep better, strengthens their heart and lungs.".

Lauren has developed and refined the stages and class plans since she started, always with an emphasis on safety, but with the added benefits that come with introducing babies to the water early on in life.

Her experience in the film and media industry has gained her valuable contacts in the business such as Zac Macauley, Michael Portelly and Peter Schoones.

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